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#179 What are some of the qualities of good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.


  • Specify how many qualities you are going to talk about
  • Talk about one quality per paragraph
  • When giving examples, explain how the example is connected to the quality

Comments on: "TOEFL Independent Writing Task – Qualities of a good parent" (2)

  1. 14:59
    In my opinion the qualities of good parent are teaching skills, patience and have a clue of how to plan kid’s future. Parent task of growing up kids can become easier if father and mother live together or even if they have a close relationship. However, a single parent can grow up properly a child giving good education. The most important is to have the three qualities above in the paragraph.

    School can teach math, formal languages, science, biology and also the rules of living in society. However, for social living only the school is not enough and the family must participate as well. The parent must teach to his son or daughter the moral, tradition and ethics of their own society. The child must learn from his or her own family what behavior is accepted in their community. So, some specific teaching skills are one of requirements to be a good parent.

    Other quality is patience. Children sometimes can become really loud and mad if parent do not attend their desire. Father or mother must be patient and make the child understand that not all wishes are to be satisfied. The parent must also be patient if his or her child has bad attitudes such as fight with little friends or throw food on the floor. In these cases the parent must be not only patience but also must teach the right behavior.

    In third but not less important, the parent must plan child’s future. This is essential when kids start adult life. The parent must provide conditions to their children develop their own habilities and be a healthy integrant of society.

    These three qualities are not the only ones but are surely fundamental to fathers and mothers who want to properly grow up their children.

  2. In terms of parenthood, qualities are always welcome, but some of them might help to get started. My opinion is that responsibility as well as authority and communication are the most needed but there is always a way to develop skills through time.

    The first one, RESPONSABILITY, is something that has to be part of a person before the actual idea of becoming a parent once a child has a lot of needs even when it’s hasn’t born yet. A well structured environment would help showing how concerned these parents are with their child’s growth.

    Then, there is authority. Once two people decide to raise a child, they also have to make this child obey so it will become aware of the rules in society not only in its childhood, but through its whole life as well because this knowledge of right and wrong will be crucial to form character.

    Finally, there is communication, which is extremely near to authority but it is more general. Learning how to communicate in any relationship is good as well as being honest about how certain things work because it helps to develop the trust between parent and child.

    In fact, good parents won’t be determined if they think this qualities will be enough and I hope not only for parents, but for people in general to be satisfied with their present behavior is weak decision. It is extremely necessary to keep on searching for ways to a become better perosn because this also would a good lesson to teach the ones we bring to life.

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