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#182 Many people have a close relationship with their pets. These people treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In your opinion, are such relationships good? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


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  1. Thais Rosa said:

    In my opinion the human relationship with their pets are good, because pets make people more socialize.
    Adults that live alone, have with their animals the company that they need. They compensate their affection needed and atencion with their pets. People treat their animals as member of their families.Many people talk to them, make clothes and birthday party.
    Researchers believe that pets make people more responsable, help children learn about their behavious day by day and also reduce the anxiety, fear and tedium.
    As well dogs are indicated for handicappaded person, like bind people that need their animals to guide them on streets.
    Animals are good for people how love them and their companies are really good for self esteem.

  2. In my opnion people’s close relationship with their pets is very healthy. Treating their birds, dogs, cats or other animals as part of the family can help a family to straiten their own affective relationships. There are few negative points and many positive points about people’s close relationship with their pets.

    A negative point of a close relationship with a pet is the medical issue. Some doctors state that people can develop diseases by a close contact with animals. The family must take care very well from the pet’s health to avoid any medical problem. Diseases from well treated pets are not very usual. Besides that, there is cure for almost all disease cases caused by animals. Kids raised with pets also develop more defences than the ones which had no contact.

    Positive points are:

    – People improve their general commitment as they are required to take care of an animal. Pets are dependent on the owner and need to be loved. This commitment helps to improve relationship even with humans.
    – Pets are a good way to combat the lonelyness.
    – Kids learn responsability and how to deal with different alive beings.
    – Pets can be used as protection but need to be well treated to correspond.
    – Trained dogs can help blind people but they need a special care to be effective.

    Pets are social beings as human are. They are very inteligent. Pets are able to learn not just tricks but basic rules of social life. Including a pet in the family is a great way to learn and improve our own human qualities.

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