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Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Give reasons and examples to justify your answer.”


Comments on: "Independent Writing task – Studying alone or studying in a group" (3)

  1. Flavia Speiski said:

    I prefer to study alone because I´ve tried before to study with a group of students and didn´t work really well. First, i need to study in an completely silent environment because I get distracted easily.
    In my room, for an example, it´s the perfect place for my studies.There is no television, telephone or computer so I can have a focus on what i´m studying.However, when there are many people inside a place, as in the library,it´s harder to concentrated in the studies because a cellphone can ring or someone can starts a conversation.
    Also, each person has it´s own pace of study so some people can be slower than others and this can be a difficulty when you are studying with a group.
    So all these reasons and examples shows why i prefer to study alone.

  2. In my opnion, studying with a group can be more productive depending on the subject. Mathemathics, physics and chemistry need a lot of precision and calculating efforts. A group can find mistakes more easly. Hence, each student has its own strenghts and can help his collegues to improve their weaknesses. The studying focus required for mathematical topics is open to punctual interruptions and one can quickly restart at the stopped point.

    On the other hand studying alone is more indicated to those who are studying subjects related to lot of reading and critical reflexion. The student may lose an idea if the study alone concentration is interrupted. In this case, the construction of ideas is usually very complex and punctual interruptions can make the student to forget details and even key parts of the complete idea. A good strategy to be able to make breaks is to write abstracts. Writing abstracts garantee one will have his ideas registered and is also a very useful way to make the remembering effort more effective. Ideas that take several days to construct are not going to be a good final product if abstracts are not used. They work such as pieces of a puzzle.

    Researchers state that reading is one of the hardest basic human activities. For example: one can walk and at the same time listen to the ipod, tv, or talk. Reading while walking is not possible due to the concentration requirement for reading activities. So studies related to reading efforts do not match with television, music, or conversations. Generally I prefer to study by myself and just often study with a group. Makes sense as my main study subject is geography, a subject that depends mostly on reading.

  3. Diego Dutra said:

    Choosing the best method for studying is certainly a personal matter, as both doing that alone or with a group of students have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I believe that studying alone can bring better results.

    First of all, studying alone I can focus on my major deficiencies or difficulties, whereas in a group there are a lot of different priorities that we have to handle, meaning that you usually abdicate to study what you really need to. In other words, by studying alone you can follow your own script instead of negotiating priorities and focusing on topics that might already be clear for you.

    Besides that, by studying with a group of people, rather than alone, you usually get sidetracked, as there are many potential distractions. It is very common, for example, to get unnecessary breaks just to start parallel conversations with no relation to the topic that is being discussed. For some people, by the way, that is the main stimulus in a group study, as they, sometimes, do not really care about its main purpose.

    It is truth that studying with a group has many advantages, especially for those subjects in which the exchange of ideas plays an integral role in the learning process, such as the social sciences. However, regardless the subject or topic that is being studied, the efficiency is an important aspect that should be considered. Moreover, as we can see, studying with a group seems to be less efficient, since it implies in losses of time and effort that you can avoid by studying alone.

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