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To begin, here is a topic for everyone to reply to:

#185 You have enough money to buy a business or a house. Which would you prefer to buy? Give specific reasons for your answer.

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  1. Diego Dutra said:

    For many reasons, buying a business is definitely a much better investment than buying a house for those who can afford.

    When it comes to finance, spend all your money buying a new house is not a good deal as a lot of more attractive investment options in terms of return on capital are available in the marketplace nowadays. A house, after all, just increases one’s outcomes due to taxes, maintenance services and many other rates usually paid. Even if one consider to buy it in order to speculate and sell it by a higher price – which is basically a business purpose – it is important to consider that the Real Estate has been a risky market lately, meaning it has been even less attractive than before.

    Additionally, a house, rather than a business, is hardly something that lasts a lifetime; it depreciates and, sooner or later, it might not fit your needs anymore, and you will decide to buy another one in the future, then. Finally, it is important to consider that home prices are higher than never, especially in big cities and renting may be a more attractive option, as you can live even more comfortably and save money in a short-term perspective.

    Buying a business, on the other hand, offers a real perspective of return on the capital and it just depend on you. Running a business, after all, may multiply your money and once you are succeed, you can buy as many houses as you want to. Even if you are a risk-averse investor or if you don’t want to have effort expenditures of running a business, you can just hire someone to run it for you and make a huge profit as well. Capitalism, by the way, is full of examples of people who became millionaire by just starting or buying a business, and some of them maybe have never run that by themselves. Finally, by employing people you are providing the society with something good, and contributing with the economic and social development as well.

    It is not difficult to see that buying a business is a much more smart decision than just buying a house. That may be the decision of much more than a million dollars…

  2. Bruno de Luca said:

    Family or profissional success? That is the question behind the doubt of buying a house or a business. Having a great office brings you money, power, success and risks (remember that last point always!). On the other side of the fence, with a house you can live unforgetable experiences with friends and family but all those moments are supported buy the money you make during the week. It is a difficult trade off but I would prefer to buy a house.

    The aspects that leads you to invest your money in a business are simple: power, earn more money than the capital invested and profissional success. Without an office, those challenges become harder, once an employee will always depend on your boss. However, is not that simple the task; 80% of brazilian companies, for exemple, fail to complete ten years. The bankrupt risk is high nowadays. Remember, we are here to live! That is not a competition with a winner!

    On the other hand, a house brings you great moments with family and friends. If you ask somebody where were the best moments in your life and I am sure at least 50% of experiences were home! Your place is where you achieve your most important conquer; a happy family! Ok, I know is not that easy, but without a house is impossible! Sunday lunch, the first step of you son, beers during all night long with friends at the garden and other great experiences are even better when they happen at your own place. It is obvious that is not possible to keep a house without money, but with a good financial planning and putting this as a priority in your life you are able to do this just as an employee. Remember, we are here to live! That is not a competition with a winner!

    In a conclusion, I would definetly buy a house. One millon dollars one your bank account will not satisfy you as much as the smile of your son everyday!

  3. If I have enough money to buy a business or a house I would prefer the house. I reckon that buying a business one is making an investment. But in other hand buying a house one is saving and constructing a patrimony.

    I have heard from sucessful people that the best way to improve your earns is to open a business. Business owners can make much more money than someone who lives from salary. If one is very qualified and has a very good job, his wages are going to be good enough to pay family living costs. For example: the president of Petrobras’ wages permit him to be considered rich. At the same time he probably has some business to improve his earns.

    Business man such as restaurant owners don’t need to be so qualified to make similar money. There are probably more rich owners of popular restaurants than positions to pay high salaries. However, business men need other kind of knowledge in order to be sucessful: they must know how to invest and how to construct their own business. This is the reason I would buy a house.

    Buying a house means that one has choosen a safer investment. There are smaller risks to lose the money. Business not well managed can break any person. One must be prepared to run properly the business and have specific knowledge about the costumers. In Brazil, more that 70% of all business close doors before completing 5 years.

    I am not a person who knows how to run a business so I definitely prefer to buy a house instead of a business.I reckon that save is best than try to make more money and lose all.

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